Family Law Attorney Miami Can Help You Getting Child Custody in Miami

child custody attorney MiamiFighting a bitter courtroom battle for custody of children is probably the most distressing and devastating part of divorce proceedings. With multiple issues involved, the legal wrangling can become bitter, ugly and often destructive. However couples can reach an amicable settlement that does the least amount of damage to themselves and their children.

One of the issues that confront divorcing couples is that of child custody across state lines. One spouse may move to a different state following or during the divorce process. This could complicate the issue, although the Uniform Child Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act has been passed in most states, and helps to promote co-operation between states in such cases. Hence, a child custody lawyer in Miami can assist you to get child custody in Houston if required.

Today courts focus on the best interests of the child in awarding custody and a skilled family law lawyer in Miami can advise you on ensuring that you are chosen as the custodial parent. Custody is not gender-specific and either spouse can be awarded custody if they’re found to be more eligible by the court. Today, both men and women hold high-paying, responsible jobs, and they’re usually equally educated to be on par with each other unlike earlier times.

Factors that courts consider while awarding custody include:

– Parent-child relationship
– Disposition/personality of parent
– Ability to raise children
– Parent’s physical/mental health
– Motive for seeking child custody
– Ability to ensure that the child shares a good relationship with the other parent
– Whom the child would prefer to live with
– Impact of future relocation of parent
– Quality of parent’s residential area and nearby school

Sometimes, as top-quality Miami family law lawyers know, it’s possible to overturn/reverse custody if the parent becomes addicted to drugs/alcohol, is convicted of a crime/imprisoned, makes a geographic move that severely affects the other parent’s visitation-rights, has a job that impacts his/her relationship with the child, etc.

Experienced and skilled alimony attorneys in Miami provide useful tips for enhancing your chances of winning custody. They include:

  • Acting first to file for custody
  • Paying child support even when not legally bound
  • Avoiding confrontations with spouse
  • Calling the cops in case of violence
  • Spending time with the kids  with documentary/photographic evidence to show it
  • Attending events at school/sports/entertainment/hobby-classes etc and be a part of your child’s life
  • Keep a journal of your visits
  • Remember that your behavior/words/actions can be used against you
  • Don’t miss out on court dates

Consult a reputed family law attorney who handles such cases exclusively to represent you in a child custody battle.

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