All About Civil Litigation and Civil Litigation Attorney

divorce attorneyWhen it comes to a divorce in Miami, a headache comes on easily when many legal terms and procedures must be understood and complied. A divorce case in Miami normally involves child custody and child support issues which could get heated and messy if both parents are not agreeable to the terms. This would lead to a civil litigation where both spouses would need to file a lawsuit against each other through divorce lawyer Miami or Miami child support lawyers.

Terminology and Procedures

A divorce is not only a messy business with spouses making demands for property division and child custody. It is best to consult a child support lawyer Miami legal firm on the proper terminologies and stringent procedures that are applied to a divorce case with child custody rights.

There are many Miami family law lawyers in town who understand the implications of the divorce process to advise and counsel estranged couples. It is possible that bad divorces could land the spouses in a civil litigation where one party may benefit and the other not at the end of the day.

Child Custody and Support

Many impending issues could arise in civil litigation on divorce where both spouses want full custody of their child instead of joint custody which the court prefers. The California law on divorce is very simple and straightforward where a no-fault divorce is possible; there is no need to present any reason for a divorce in Miami under the state laws of California on this issue. However, child custody is a great concern of the state court in any divorce case.

If one spouse has been accorded full child custody rights over the other, a parental relocation attorney may be hired to assist parents in this issue. It is the state court’s desire to allow the other parent child visitation rights even though child custody is not awarded. However, the specific circumstances must be evaluated carefully as these visitation rights could be stripped off for a rapist, abusing or murderer spouse. Such parents could be given a court order to stay away from their child and spouse with a protective order to safeguard the child and caregiver.

Child support in financial terms may be ordered by the court judge presiding over the divorce case by parents who are earning comfortably to ensure that the child is cared for in the future. The actual child support payment would be determined by the court judge with a standard calculation formula used in the procedure. A child support lawyer Miami expert is familiar with such computation to ensure that the care giver parent and child have sufficient funds to finance their livelihood without the other earning spouse.

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