Miami Child Custody Lawyer – Many Different Types to Choose From

child custody attorney MiamiChild custody is a big issue in Miami where parents tussle over their little ones for various reasons. As both parties strive to secure the custody of their children, they could be unrelentless in their approaches. Aggressive and intimidating divorce lawyers in Miami could be sought to discredit the other party for a more favorable legal decision by the court on child custody cases.

However, parents in a divorce case with child custody issues could check out the best of Miami child support lawyers in town to handle their cases professionally without causing trauma and emotional despair to self and children. Experienced Miami family law lawyers are available to assist in the choice of child support lawyer Miami specialist to bring a good closure to such cases.

Choice of Lawyer

Every child involved in a divorce case could face emotional trauma and diverse character changes if no proper parental relocation attorney is hired to ease the traumatic family condition faced. Professional yet personal Miami family law lawyers should be consulted in such difficult legal cases to help every party in the family face the challenges ahead of the long journey of life.

There are different types of child custody lawyer miami who could provide different types of professional legal support to both the estranged parents and children.

1) Sole proprietorship lawyers

Many divorce lawyers in Miami could be sole proprietorship lawyers who specialize in divorces. They operate on their own with minimum assistants to cut down operating expenses. These may have to run a lot of chores on their own from interacting with authorities to conducting independent investigations and filing the required paperwork.

They could be under a lot of pressure, especially if they pile more on their plates than recommended.

2) Small legal establishments

These are small legal firms which are known as legal boutique of fewer than 10 lawyers. There could be a spark or two excellent family law attorneys in miami in the firm to attract a sizeable clientele.

Good legal results from cases handled would enhance the market presence of these firms as proven legal caliber from the lawyers in the firm.

3) Medium to large legal firms

These legal firms could comprise enough lawyers to specialize in any specific area of divorce cases that encompass child custody, alimony and financial or property division aspects. Medium-sized legal firms comprise a group of partners while large-sized firms could house between 50 and 100 lawyers in various parts of the state or nation.


In seeking the best of Miami child custody lawyer to win such cases, the concerned party should consider the experience, character and proven record of the parental relocation lawyer in that legal firm regardless of firm size.

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